May 232011

image 43 1061

This beautiful woman looks like she just came out of the ocean as her t-shirt is very wet and quite revealing.

The photography in this situation is always a bit tough as the sun is so overpowering.  The lighting is causing bad shadows and it is unfortunate that the shot wasn’t taken at a different time of the day to better illuminate her skin.

Mar 242010

Spring Break Week was a lot of fun for me. In keeping with that theme, I thought another image of a beautiful woman enjoying the great outdoors was fitting.

This model is redefining the wet t-shirt metaphor!  How did her whole body get wet and leave her hair dry?

The photographer did a great job with the lighting in this shot. This is not always easy using natural light.  Notice that even though she is outside the light is even across her body and there are no harsh reflections.

Mar 082010

It is Spring Break this week on BWOTD (Beautiful Woman of the Day). This is to coincide with the Spring Break celebrations of many colleges this week and next.  I have fond memories of Spring Break – beautiful bodies EVERYWHERE! I start the week out with 3 images of nubile young women in wet t-shirts.

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