Apr 032011


image 17 832

This is a great image and deserves to be on my Favorites list. This model is well highlighted by the light coming and creating a very strong shadow behind her. The light also creates great reflections off of her skin.  It is always interesting to see a smooth skin model against rough rocks.

Aug 012010

Another sunbather image to celebrate the wonders of summer.

Note that the sand in the image matches the models skin and is offset well with the yellow blanket. Also, the pale yellow panties create a nice tie-in.  Unfortunately the photographer wasn’t watching his own shadow and allowed that to fall into the image – very poor technique and it practically ruins the image for want of the the beautiful woman.

Jul 302010

On these warm sunny days, can you blame this nude model for catching some extra sunshine?

I like the bright towel that she is laying on and the effect it has on the coloring of her skin. Also, the placement of her hand draws attention to it and makes one think of other possible contortions the model is capable of producing.