Jan 242011

image 15 1326

The strong vertical, horizontal and slanted elements of this picture make an excellent backdrop for this nude model. Stone and soft flesh are always an interesting combination and the photographer uses this combination well.

Aug 212010

There were several images in this photo shoot at Sexy Hot Beauty where I found this one image. I suggest that you jump over to the site to see the rest (I assume the site has permission to show these images and I won’t get sued for reproducing one here and encouraging you to jump to them for the rest).

I chose this image because it did a great job of showing the playfulness of the model, the action of the water, and the roughness of the stone.

Jun 292010

This image is fantastic and probably will make one of my favorites of all time!  The lighting on it is very good and the model is absolutely stunning.

I like how the lighting is so well done that there are light reflections of of the skin closes to the camera but there is definitely light coming from behind her as well.  Also the stone wall makes a strong contrast with her soft skin.

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