May 162010

This week we will focus on images of beautiful women that have very large breasts. Many of my loyal visitors (have you subscribed to my feed yet?) enjoy images of big tits so I hope you will be happy with this week’s specials.

This beautiful woman is featured in the bathtub. The image is fairly well done if not slightly amateurish.  If a professional took this image, I would have assumed the tub would have not needed new caulk!

Mar 012010

This platinum blonde is soaping up her breasts in the shower.

I do not think that this image is very well done even though the woman is quite attractive. Photographers always need to be careful when they photograph non-natural blondes that the root hair color is not shown. In this case, it is very obvious that the model has been a couple weeks since her last trip to the salon.

Mar 292009

I really enjoy it when beautiful brunette’s take showers.  For that matter, I enjoy blondes and redheads as well.  The photographer did an excellent job of capturing the droplets of water as the splash on her skin and flow off of her breast.  It is interesting also that most shower images do not include soap but this one does.

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