Jan 032012

Great image that combines the hard rough rock with the beautiful background of the ocean and the horizon.  Too bad the photographer didn’t make the horizon parallel with the top and bottom of the image.

I found this image on hawaiinaturist.  I am currently in a series of posts on images that I have “liked” on my sister blog on Tumblr.

Aug 162010

This beautiful woman is not leaving any questions about her beauty unanswered in this pose! I like how the blue water in the background and the hard rock below her makes a nice contrast to her creamy skin.

I don’t know if Sexy Hot Beauty had the rights to reproduce the MPL Studios image but I found this image there so I hope that MPL doesn’t sue me!

May 102010

Sometimes a beautiful woman in a bikini is just as interesting as a nude. This image is very well done with a beautiful model, a large stone in the foreground to offer complexity and highlight her softness. The photographer also did a great job of putting the background out of focus to make us really look at the model (not that we wouldn’t want to look at her).

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Nov 202009

Nude, beautiful woman sitting on a rock. Her blonde hair looks like it might come out of a bottle as her coloring isn’t quite consistent. Also, she really should pay for a pedicure to go with her manicure.

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