May 252011

image 30 976

This beautiful woman is tweaking her nipple as she suns herself by the pool.  This is exactly what I would want to do with her as well (at least at first).

This image is well done with green bushes in the background, the blue pool water, and the yellow swimsuit and towel.

Feb 242011

image 7 121

The creamy white skin of this model is a great contrast to the blue pool behind her.  Also, note how the photographer caught the shadow off her nipple to accentuate the 3D aspect!  Too bad he didn’t perfect the shot by lighting the other nipple in the same way.

Jan 272011

image 15 2027

There is so much to like about this image, it is almost amazing that I think it was poorly done. The coloring is great with the combination of white siding, stone floor, blue top and blue water and green trees in the distance. My biggest problem is that her raised shoe is front and center and there is little value added to seeing the bottom of her scuffed up shoe.  If she would have gone barefoot, I would probably say this was a favorite image.