Jun 162010

This is a quick update on the status of Mobile Nudes.

Beautiful Woman of the Day (BWOTD.com) was the inaugural gallery on this great iPhone application. Now there has been a free update to Mobile Nudes and there is a gallery from Breast Guess.  You may be familiar with Breast Guess as we feature some of their content here on our site. This new gallery will allow you to quiz your buddies at the bar as to their breast recognition IQ. There are 20 sets of beautiful breasts in this gallery – how many did you get?

If you haven’t installed this free application on to your iPhone, you are missing out. If you have, click on the icon on your home screen and enjoy some more nudes.

The links will take you to Mobile Nudes but if you are trying to visit it with a full desktop computer or laptop, you will be disappointed. Instead, visit the site with your iPhone – just point Mobile Safari to http://www.mobi-nudes.com/mobile-home/.

Jun 082010

I am pleased to announce that the folks over at Mobile Nudes have chosen our “Best of 2009” as their first gallery in the new iPhone web app!

You may be able to view the gallery on other mobile devices other than an iPhone but it is specifically set up for that family of products and the instructions are on the site for installing it to your home screens. When you set the Mobile Nudes up on your iPhone, you will see see an icon on your phone like this:

and the first gallery will look like this:

We are honored that Mobile Nudes chose us as their first gallery. We will be offering other galleries for them in the near future (these will automatically appear in your saved iPhone Web App).

If you have an iPhone, jump over to their site and install the Best of BWOTD 2009 and enjoy!  The images that were selected were the images that were visited the most in 2009. We are sure that you will enjoy the display!