Feb 262011

image 7 420

While the model is beautiful enough to be included on this site, I actually feel sorry for her.  Her natural beauty was not appropriately displayed in this shot due to the skill of the photographer.  It is poorly lit with very harsh shadows implying an amateurish lighting job and she has little effective makeup on. The vertical line behind her is not vertical.  Too bad, this could have been a much better image.

Dec 272009

This beautiful blonde woman looks inviting on this cabinet. I like the use of mirrors to give more of a 3D look to the photo although I wish the photographer would have centered on the mirrors.

Sep 282009

This nude in the mirror is definitely worth looking at from both sides.  I enjoy it when photographers pose their nudes in front of a mirror so that we can enjoy both sides at the same time.

May 082009

What a great shot!  The photographer did an excellent job of capturing this beautiful blonde in the mirror so that you can enjoy her entire sexy body in one image.  The alignment of her right arm from the back with her hand in the reflection is excellent and even a bit creepy.

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