May 262010

Great side shot of this beautiful nude. The photographer did a great job of using vertical elements (and having those vertical elements be vertical in the shot). The lighting may be a bit to harsh as the shadows are bit more distinct than they need to be in this shot.

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Mar 162010

Spring Break Week last week was a lot of fun for me. In keeping with that theme, I thought another image of beautiful woman enjoying the great outdoors was fitting.This beautiful woman in fishnet looks awesome! I think fishnet should be the new fashion trend.

The photographer did a very good job of presenting the model as if she was standing at your backdoor asking to come in to your home.

Jan 212010

This nude blonde appears to be telling you that you cannot leave until you satisfy her!

When models raise their arms over their heads it creates a nice lift for the breasts, stretches the stomach and exposes the ribs. This makes a much better image. This model takes good advantage of this technique.

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