Jul 072010

Sailing nude is always an adventure. I really need to get a boat, it has to be easier to convince beautiful women to get nude on a boat than just about any other place.

The photographer did a great job with this image. My biggest complaint is that the horizon line is at a slight angle but that is forgiven considering the boat was almost definitely not stationary compared to the horizon. I especially appreciate the reflection in the model’s glasses doesn’t show the photographer nor a bunch of crew – that is great attention to detail.

Jul 052010

With yesterday being the 4th of July and today being the day that many Americans have the day off (no mail delivery today), this image of a beautiful woman without her bottoms, holding a faux flag, and looking at the Statue of Liberty is very fitting.

The photographer did a great job on this image. The cloudy sky and gray water makes a great silhouette of the model.