Apr 292011


I found this image at GroupSex and I had to repost it here even though I am sure that it is copyrighted.  It is absolutely awesome in its detail and balance!  Note how well the gap between the breasts lines up with the gap between her legs. Note that her breasts and knees are almost perfectly balanced from side to side. If you own the copyright, please do not get upset with me – this posting should be taken as a sign of a compliment.

May 162010

This week we will focus on images of beautiful women that have very large breasts. Many of my loyal visitors (have you subscribed to my feed yet?) enjoy images of big tits so I hope you will be happy with this week’s specials.

This beautiful woman is featured in the bathtub. The image is fairly well done if not slightly amateurish.  If a professional took this image, I would have assumed the tub would have not needed new caulk!

Sep 082009


Megan Fox is absolutely gorgeous.  I wish she would remove the towel!

NOTE: I didn’t take the above picture so I do not “know” that this is actually the model in question. I only “know” that it is a beautiful woman and it bears a very strong resemblance to her.