May 022011


These two women are absolutely beautiful! The image is incredibly well done with the old rough wood and sand to contrast the smoothness of the skin of the models.  The ocean’s waves gives a great background.

I found this image at Hot Sexy Scenes where they have more images of these two beautiful women. You should jump over and check them out.

Aug 072010

Most of the images that I show on this site are nudes or topless of beautiful women. This one is not obviously either of these but I enjoyed the image so much that I wanted to share it. The photography skill on this image is excellent. Notice that the background compliments the skin tone of the women very well.

Jul 042010

On this day that remembers the birth of the United States of America and our declaration of severing ties from the British Empire, it is fitting that we thank our young men and women that are serving in our military. I hope this image makes them proud.