May 262011

image 32 1748

This image looks like it might be an amateur photographer. The lighting is not that good (note the shadow line against the wall indicating a single source of light).  Too bad as the model is a beautiful woman – her beauty is better than the photographer’s skill.

May 252011

image 30 976

This beautiful woman is tweaking her nipple as she suns herself by the pool.  This is exactly what I would want to do with her as well (at least at first).

This image is well done with green bushes in the background, the blue pool water, and the yellow swimsuit and towel.

May 232011

image 43 1061

This beautiful woman looks like she just came out of the ocean as her t-shirt is very wet and quite revealing.

The photography in this situation is always a bit tough as the sun is so overpowering.  The lighting is causing bad shadows and it is unfortunate that the shot wasn’t taken at a different time of the day to better illuminate her skin.