Jan 272011

image 15 2027

There is so much to like about this image, it is almost amazing that I think it was poorly done. The coloring is great with the combination of white siding, stone floor, blue top and blue water and green trees in the distance. My biggest problem is that her raised shoe is front and center and there is little value added to seeing the bottom of her scuffed up shoe.  If she would have gone barefoot, I would probably say this was a favorite image.

Jan 262011

image 15 1881

Excellent image! Note how the wall is virtually non-existent making the nude model look like she has nothing behind her.  Also, the pale wood floor does a good job of complimenting her skin tone.  Even the tousled hair looks like she just awoke from bed giving the model a very sensual look.

Jan 242011

image 15 1326

The strong vertical, horizontal and slanted elements of this picture make an excellent backdrop for this nude model. Stone and soft flesh are always an interesting combination and the photographer uses this combination well.

Jan 222011

image 9 1897

Unfortunately, the beauty of this model is not complimented by the skill of the photographer. I think that any amateur photographer could have done better. The shadows on her skin distract from the shot and the close proximity of the wall to the chair create a shadow effect that doesn’t complement the subject.

Jan 212011

image 8 1324

This beautiful woman looks like she is in charge as she sits on her metal chair.  The brushed steel gives an interesting backdrop but I am not sure I like that the photographer tilted the image – I feel like it slightly distracts from the beauty of the woman.