Aug 282010

If this is the quality of the women at , I need to change my allegiance!  I cannot believe that they have the nickname , I wish this model would show us her !


  3 Responses to “Go Oregon State!”

  1. Great picture! As a long-time college football and basketball fan, I have always hoped long before this was used as a joke in one of the Grand Theft Auto games that, one day, Oregon State would play against South Carolina…Beavers vs. Cocks! 😀 However, at least we get the yearly game of Beavers vs. the other USC, the Trojans which is always good for more than a few unintended announcing snickers.

  2. And as beautiful a Beaver as I’ve seen!

  3. While on the subject of fine Oregon State “beavers” Sara Jean Underwood went to Oregon State. While attending OSU she appeared in the Playboy October 2005 Girls of the PAC 10 pictorial also on that cover photo, playmate of the month July 2006 and was vote 2007 playmate of the year. Go Beavers!

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