Aug 222010

I am not sure if this beautiful woman is as innocent as she appears in this image. I really like the shot, the blowing hair is something we rarely see in nude photography (most models are relatively stationary and with little wind movement).  I also like how the black bikini top lends a hint of playfulness to the image.

Aug 212010

There were several images in this photo shoot at Sexy Hot Beauty where I found this one image. I suggest that you jump over to the site to see the rest (I assume the site has permission to show these images and I won’t get sued for reproducing one here and encouraging you to jump to them for the rest).

I chose this image because it did a great job of showing the playfulness of the model, the action of the water, and the roughness of the stone.

Aug 202010

Fantastic image of this nude model. This beautiful woman is complimented with the deep blue sky and her smooth skin is offset with the dirty and rough wall beside and behind her.