Jul 302010

On these warm sunny days, can you blame this nude model for catching some extra sunshine?

I like the bright towel that she is laying on and the effect it has on the coloring of her skin. Also, the placement of her hand draws attention to it and makes one think of other possible contortions the model is capable of producing.

Jul 262010

I no which one I want to ride.  What about you?

Not a fantastic image, too be honest.  The background is more distracting than additive. It is painfully obvious that they are sitting in some garage taking the shot. Great idea and beautiful woman but the surroundings ruin the mood of the image.

Jul 232010

This image of a beautiful nude woman would be a great ad for a gym. I know that I would go regularly if she was there!

I like how the photographer prepped the model with just enough water on her breasts to give the illusion that she is sweating (not very likely this is real sweat as women do not sweat first from their breasts, her entire body would be covered with sweat before her breasts had this much perspiration).