Jun 282010

I guess there is even more reason to have an ! The Wakey Wakey app is featuring . This beautiful babe has graced our site many times and is also in our gallery on Mobi-Nudes.com.

Wakey Wakey is an iPhone application that is endorsed by Pamela Anderson. The iPhone application is basically an alarm clock and when it is time to wake up, a video of Pamela Anderson plays.

Every morning, Pamela’s voice will rouse you from your sleep. Roll over and feast your eyes on the screen as the world famous curves of Pamela Anderson appear from beneath the sheets. An early morning wake up call, Pamela delivers playful, sensual and flirtatious sweet nothings such as: “Honey, wake up – good morning sweetie – come on baby, wake up sexy.”

The app costs $1.99 on iTunes.

Note that this is not an endorsement of the app nor is the link an affiliate link – I receive no compensation for this post.


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