May 202010

This week we will focus on images of beautiful women that have very
. Many of my loyal visitors (have you subscribed
to my feed
yet?) enjoy images of big tits so I hope you will be
happy with this week’s specials.

The angle of this shot exaggerates the tits of the model quite well. This image is quite well done, even though I don’t understand why the vertical and horizontal lines are not lined up – it does nothing for the shot to tilt the camera.


  2 Responses to “Day 5: Week of large breasted women”

  1. I think tilting the camera enhances this photo. Notice how the verticle line through her breast draws your eye directly to the barely visible nipple. Another verticle line penetrates her in very sensual places. The horizontal lines caress her stomach and back in a way that exsenuates the smoothness and length of her body. The lines force one to focus on the overall beauty of her body.

  2. There is no question that the horizontal and vertical lines enhance the beauty of the woman. However, the entire photo is tilted at an angle and the photographer could have achieved the exact effect that you describe had the photo’s edges also lined up with the vertical and horizontal lines in the image.

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