May 272010

A beautiful woman that is in bed and waiting for her lover.

Great image although the lighting is a bit too harsh as the shadows are too distinct.  We can tell this wasn’t taken by an amateur as the lighting is offset from the camera angle but they probably should have used a more diffuse light source.

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May 262010

Great side shot of this beautiful nude. The photographer did a great job of using vertical elements (and having those vertical elements be vertical in the shot). The lighting may be a bit to harsh as the shadows are bit more distinct than they need to be in this shot.

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May 252010

A very well done image of a beautiful woman. The contrast of her skin color with the yellow background is excellent. Also, the photographer’s use of parallel lines and fading to out of focus gives excellent depth to this shot and almost makes the beautiful nude to turn 3D.

May 242010

This is a very striking and beautiful woman sitting on a chair. The color accents of her black stockings combines well with her dark skin and offsets the muted colors in the background.

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May 232010

This is a great image. Not only are the 6 women incredibly beautiful and sexy but the pier looks like it is floating over the water and the balance of color between the women, pier, water, and out-of-focus background is superb. Even the choice of models is interesting – they are all brunettes (and very closely shaved).

May 222010

This week we will focus on images of beautiful women that have very
large breasts. Many of my loyal visitors (have you subscribed
to my feed
yet?) enjoy images of big tits so I hope you will be
happy with this week’s specials.

We end our week of large breasted women with the realization that there will be more women with beautiful breasts coming in the coming days. Whether they are large or small tits, we can count on this site to continuously show beautiful women in various stages of dress.

This model is undressing to reveal more of her body. While the image is fairly well done, the photographer should have used a less harsh front light to eliminate the dual shadows on the wall behind the model.