Feb 242010

I found this image of Madeleine Dupont over at Nudeze.  She is a member of the Danish Curling team that is competing in the Winter Olympics.

NOTE: I didn’t take the above picture so I do not “know” that this is actually the athlete in question. I only “know” that it is a beautiful woman and it bears a very strong resemblance to her.

Feb 232010

Beautiful woman enjoying the view.

I think the photographer could have done a better job using the natural light in this shot. Notice that if the model would move her right arm just slightly to the right, the light would directly hit her skin and create a strong highlight as opposed to a distinct shadow.

Feb 222010

I have seen on the web where this beautiful woman is one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses, Rachel Uchitel. I don’t think that is true. I think this is just a beautiful blonde woman that has some amount of similarity with Ms. Uchitel.

I am pretty sure that the image below is Ms. Uchitel.  While there is a similarity to the nude above, I don’t think it is the same woman. Luckily, Ms. Uchitel has done a nice job of showing us pokies and camel toes in one shot! If you want to see the pokies of other celebrities, check out Pokeze.com!

Feb 202010

Beautiful blondes and cars.  It is a great combination.

The photographer did a good job of capturing the mirror reflection of the model. Once again, the arms above her head show off the breasts quite nicely.