Jan 262010

I am aware that the beautiful Victoria Principal pictured here was taken a couple decades back. This woman was absolutely stunning when she was in her prime.  I picked this up over at Nudeze, a site that specializes in revealing images of celebrities. Take a jump over there and enjoy a couple other images of Victoria as well as some other women that you will recognize.

I am sure that the photographer that took this photo is excellent but the quality of this image is not that great. My guess is that it was scanned many years ago and probably converted from one file format to another at least a couple of times. Victoria does employ one of my favorite poses of lifting her arms over her head and thus lifting her breasts and thinning her stomach. This technique was used here as well.

NOTE: I didn’t take the above picture so I do not “know” that this is actually the model in question. I only “know” that it is a beautiful woman and it bears a very strong resemblance to her.

Jan 222010

Yesterday, the model didn’t want you to get out of the door.  Today, this nude blonde is being a little more forthcoming on your rewards if you stay!

I think this image would have been a bit better if the photographer would have centered on the door. It looks like the shot was taken from slightly off center.

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