Jun 022009

It can’t be on Day on our exploration of beautiful women of without dedicating this post to 7 of 9, the Borg character that was so aptly played by .  The above image is supposedly of this sexy and model but I have no other images of Jeri with a nipple ring.  So this may be a fake (although the model is beautiful regardless and therefore worthy of this site).

To overcome this lack of certainty on the identity, I offer a few more images of the beautiful woman.  I guess the other question is:  Blonde or Redhead?  I guess it really doesn’t matter.  Jeri Ryan was a supermodel in her time before becoming an actress so she can have whatever hair color she wants.

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  7 Responses to “The Beautiful Women of Star Trek – Day 7 of 9”

  1. very nice.maybe someday you could spray your pussy juice into my mouth,i like that alot.but i know we would have to get to know one and other first.

  2. beautiful girls but photographs really wonderful in most cases,, natural breasted and shaved girls are natural models those with surgical boob jobs lower their chances uf being great models.

  3. all fake but ok

  4. nice pics

  5. Pleasure-beyond-measure is waiting for U.S. Upstairs. Meet me in SeventhHeaven. God bless you.

  6. i love you 7 of 9

  7. can i see you

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