May 302009

Another image of the beautiful of fame.  This image is not nude but actually shows this sexy woman in a .  I am not sure why one would wear a see through top rather than just going topless.  There is little doubt as to the beauty of her breasts and nipples.

NOTE: I didn’t take the above picture so I do not “know” that this is actually the model in question.  I only “know” that it is a beautiful woman and it bears a very strong resemblance to her.

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  4 Responses to “The Beautiful Women of Star Trek – Day 4 of 9”

  1. she is the most beautiful woman i’ve seen on star trek. her body in that skin tight uniform is “out of this world”. clothed or topless she is HOT

  2. […] was kind enough to allow us to see through her blouse. This image was found on Beautiful Woman of the Day. It is very obvious that Marina has beautiful breasts and beautiful nipples from this shot but the […]

  3. […] done 2 series that would fit in with this image.  My Star Trek series is quite popular (with Marina Sirtis leading the popularity) and my month-long exploration of body painting where I dedicated an entire […]

  4. Oh if only my couselor was her! Sigh!

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