Mar 312009

Jessica Gomes is a beautiful brunette model that is pictured topless in a towel. This is an excellent photo that uses the parallels of the tile and the white wall quite effectively.  When you are as beautiful and successful as Ms. Gomes, the photographers that you work with are top-notch and this photo shows it.  I first saw this image on the great Nudeze site where they have some additional images of this beautiful woman.

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Mar 292009

I really enjoy it when beautiful brunette’s take showers.  For that matter, I enjoy blondes and redheads as well.  The photographer did an excellent job of capturing the droplets of water as the splash on her skin and flow off of her breast.  It is interesting also that most shower images do not include soap but this one does.

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Mar 262009

Sports Illustrated is renown for the swimsuit edition.  This is a video of their beautiful supermodels being painted for their shots that were nude except for body paint.  I need to find more images of body painting because it is such a wonderful art form.  Stay tuned!!

And in case you don’t remember what a great issue this year was, check out the cover below.